you smell!
Your clothes stink, and your breath makes my fleas fall off. And I might as well smoke as well, because I've got to breathe your smoke.

Smoking and the environment

Cigarettes damage the environment in many different ways

  • Land is being cleared to make way for tobacco farming – an extra 200,000 hectares each year (that's an area the size of Tokyo). This land could be used to grow food to feed millions of people in countries where there is not enough food to go around.
  • Growing the tobacco plants involves the use of harmful chemicals such as pesticides to kill any insects that attack the plants. These chemicals stay in the soil and can pollute drinking water.
  • Drying the tobacco plant leaves creates carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases that cause global warming.
  • Making the tobacco into cigarettes creates harmful waste products such as plastics that take a very long time to decompose.
  • When a smoker has finished their cigarette, the filter end or butt is often thrown away and ends up as litter in the street, in the countryside and on beaches. 200 million cigarette butts are dropped every day in the UK. See Encams and Ocean Conservancy
But I'm green
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