you smell!
Your clothes stink, and your breath makes my fleas fall off. And I might as well smoke as well, because I've got to breathe your smoke.

Smoking and fire safety

There's a greater risk of fire in homes where smokers live. If someone in your house smokes, it's important that everyone in your family knows how to keep your home safe.

House Fire
  • Every home needs working smoke alarms and the best way to keep your home safe is to have a smoke alarm on each floor of the building.
  • A smoke alarm beeps loudly if smoke goes near it to warn everybody in the house that there might be a fire. They have a big red button to push to check that they are working. Ask a grown up to check the smoke alarms in your house once a month.
  • Get your family together to make a fire action plan for your home. Every member of the family should know what to do and where to find door and window keys if there's a fire.
  • Never play with matches or cigarette lighters.
  • Remind anyone who smokes in your house to make sure that their cigarette butts (the end bit that's left after someone has finished smoking their cigarette) are completely cold before the ashtray gets emptied into the rubbish bin. The best way to make sure is to put the ashtray outside for the night.
  • Take care when you're in the kitchen. Cooking accidents cause half of the house fires in the UK each year.
  • Ask your parents or carers to switch off and unplug TVs and other electrical appliances when they're not in use – especially overnight. Remind them to use one plug for one socket only.
Humberside Fire Service

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service have more really good information on their website visit

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