you smell!
Your clothes stink, and your breath makes my fleas fall off. And I might as well smoke as well, because I've got to breathe your smoke.

Smoking and the law

Cigarettes are harmful, so the Government has passed powerful new laws to control smoking even further and to protect both smokers and non-smokers alike.

The Health Act 2006 Smoke Free Places and Vehicles came into force in 2007.

This law makes it illegal to smoke in public places like restaurants, cinemas and libraries and on public transport. Smoking is also banned in the workplace, which is why you often see groups of people smoking outside their offices. It is also illegal for shops to sell any form of tobacco product to anyone younger than 18 years old.

The Health Act 2009 introduced more laws changing the way that tobacco products are displayed in shops.

A recent change (April 2012) means that large shops like supermarkets cannot put cigarettes and tobacco on open display. This will also happen in smaller shops like newsagents from 2015.

Dad smokes in the toilet
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